Laser & Optics

Laser and optics laboratory

The laser and optics laboratory went into operation in spring 2008. It was set up in the old, no longer used photo laboratory of the school.

It took over half a year to remove the old equipment, repaint the room and build the protective enclosures for the laser tables. This work was done by teachers and students together.

The laboratory is based on various lasers and equipment provided by the chairs of physics of the universities of Würzburg and Kaiserslautern.

Thanks to the generous support of the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation, many other items of equipment were purchased, so that an excellently equipped laboratory suitable for students was created.

In addition to various lasers, such as a helium-neon laser, an argon ion laser, a nitrogen laser and two dye lasers, a Michelson interferometer is also operated.

Furthermore, two fluorescence light microscopes (for transmitted and reflected light fluorescence) and a scanning electron microscope are available.