Biology laboratory

The schools's own biology laboratory has only been available since autumn 2019. Before that, biology and chemistry were housed together.

The furnishings come from the "Julius-von-Sachs-Institut für Biowissenschaften", the University Hospitals of the University of Würzburg and the " Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie " in Martinsried, among others.

Donations of functioning laboratory equipment are always welcome.

The biology laboratory is approved as a genetic engineering laboratory of safety level S1, because molecular biology is one of our main fields of work in the field of biology. In addition, we are increasingly working in the fields of histology and cytology, protein biochemistry, pharmaceutical biology and physiology.

In addition to various incubators and thermocabinets for the cultivation and breeding of bacteria, fungi, algae and protozoa, we also have PCR cyclers, microtomes and all necessary small laboratory equipment available.

The biology laboratory is not only intended to be used by students of the "Friedrich-Koenig-Gymnasium", but is also open to students from other schools, which is also frequently used. Furthermore, we offer internships of one or more days for school groups from other schools as well as the opportunity for students to work on their own projects, for example as part of their seminar paper or a youth research project.

The experimental students are not only supervised by teachers from the school lab, but also by older, experienced students and by former students who have taken up studies from the STEM field at the University of Würzburg.